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Halifax Area Sports Rehabilitation Services

Halifax Area Sports Rehabilitation Services

Do you experience chronic pain or difficulty in movement during sports or exercise? Are you thinking you might need sports rehabilitation? If you have suffered a sports or exercise related injury and are looking for Halifax area sports rehabilitation services, we would be happy to give you an assessment at one of our clinics located in Dartmouth, Bedford, and Timberlea.

Sports rehabilitation (rehab) is a team approach to return an injured individual to their sporting activity.  Our staff have a variety of sporting backgrounds. They tailor an individual’s rehabilitation program to focus on their individual sporting demands.

Assessment and treatment of the acute injury will be the primary focus at the initial visit.  Stretching and strengthening during sports rehabilitation will be discussed along with exploring taping or bracing options to ensure a timely recovery. Gradual return to sporting activities will be guided by your physiotherapist once you are ready. Your progress will be closely followed during your return, gradually increasing the demands of the sport.  When full return to your sport has been achieved and the injury has been resolved, athletes will be educated regarding appropriate preventative and post-game exercise routines aimed at preventing injury, eliminating chronic pain, and enhancing sport performance.

The staff at Nova Physiotherapy's Halifax-area locations offer:

  • 3D Gait Analysis
  • K-Taping
  • Titleist Performance Institute
  • Functional Range Conditioning - FRC
  • Sport Specific Exercise Programs
  • On site sporting event coverage

Call or contact any of our Nova Physiotherapy clinics for Halifax area sports rehabilitation to book your sports rehab assessment today with one of our physiotherapists.